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  • September 2020
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    Bombay Hook Sunrise

    I dragged myself out of bed at 4 am this past weekend so I could drive over to Bombay Hook for some snow geese sunrise pictures. About 30 minutes prior to sunrise, several thousand geese flew about 200 feet above my head. It was an amazing display – but far too dark to take any pictures. During sunrise, a different flock of several thousand flew along the horizon, and luckily I had already setup my camera on the tripod and managed to catch a few shots. By about 830, the geese had all flown north for some reason, so I headed up to Conowingo Dam for some bald eagle shots…

    You may notice on the first photo, a shot of the crescent moon, some dark specks on the screen. Those are snow geese! I had hoped to catch one flying much closer, to capture a silhouette. Maybe next time.

    Bombay Hook Sunrise pictures

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