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    Bald Eagles

    On the advice of a fellow bird enthusiast I visited Conowingo Dam in Northeastern Maryland a few weeks ago. Bald Eagles sit on the opposite bank, and when they’re hungry swoop down in front of the hydroelectric generators and snatch a fish. When the generators are running, they churn up fish and there is, apparently, a feeding frenzy. No such luck when I was there, but I still managed to snap some pics of the bald eagles fishing.

    The birds probably delight in watching the people lined up along the river bank like spectators at the World Series. On this particular day there were probably 50 photographers, all with giant lenses and cameras. And when an eagle would circle overhead the cry would go forth: “Here comes one!” The clicks of the cameras as the eagle dove sounded like a thousand tap dancers. And then it was done, and we’d wait patiently for the next show.

    The water flow is erratic, but the USGS helpfully monitors in real-time. With some judicious planning, I think I can make it up there during peak power. I can’t wait!


    Comment from stacy z
    Time November 18, 2009 at 2:05 am

    Great pics!

    Comment from ben Tebbens
    Time November 23, 2009 at 7:39 am

    Nice captures at the dam!!! Did anything come out while you were in Delaware? Waiting to see what you got;) Hope the transition is going smoothly. I’m hoping to get back to Conowingo maybe this Friday or Saturday, Lord willing and the crick don’t rise;) My wife ordered me a small inflattable raft/boat but won’t be in until next Monday but thought about taking it up there some time, especially if the water’s not to rough. Take care and God bless, Ben.

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